Products Overview

Linked into our vision for continuous growth we offer a full range of line products ranging from stay wire, helical grips, anchors and more for orchard and vineyard protection trellising systems.  Crops protected by hail nets have proven to offer higher yields; over and above lower water consumption, it offers protection against wind, sun, birds and hail. Hail net systems have proven to be a necessary tool for the modern day fruit producer to be competitive in international markets.

Linq offers you the whole range of steel products required to erect your hail net structure or trellis system.

Stay wire is available in various diameters and is the most cost effective and durable structural cable/ strand used in hail net and trellis systems.  Stay wire has low elongation properties …. read more

Brace ties are used to secure stay wire or wire to the inner poles….read more

Double wrap grips are used to terminate and tension stay wire or wire to anchor poles… more

Thimble grips are used to terminate and tension stay wire or wire to ground anchors… more

Galvanised anchors are the corner stones of the whole structural system and provide the primary strength. Linq offers only the best quality anchor rods and plates available. Our unique anchor rod… more.

Hueler/hog rings  also called “C” rings are collated fasteners used to attach wire, fabric and other materials……read more.


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